Cobb AccessPort | EVO X

Cobb AccessPort Evolution XThe AccessPORT gives owners of 2008 Mitsubishi EVO X vehicles the ability to unlock power hidden within the factory ECU. Performance gains across the entire powerband can be quickly realized in the short time it takes to flash the vehicle’s ECU with the AccessPORT. No tools are required. No additional “piggy-back” hardware. No mailing the factory ECU across the country. No vehicle downtime. No waiting. Just plug the AccessPORT in, flash the ECU and enjoy the thrill of increased torque and horsepower!

EVO X AccessPORT Features:
• Increase horsepower and torque with the touch of a button
• Easy installation requiring no tools or computer skills
• Display vehicle performance with 0-60MPH and 1/4 Mile clocks and Trap Speeds
• Monitor vehicle data such as MAF voltage, coolant temp, throttle position and much more.
• Built in Datalogging capability for multiple data channel recording.
• Troubleshoot by viewing trouble codes and resetting ECU.
• Valet and Anti-Theft modes help prevent abuse and theft
• Upgrade firmware and download calibrated maps over the internet
• Completely and easily uninstallable

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