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The sound clips do a reasonable job at demonstrating how aggressive the system sounds, which leaves little room for commentary. Beyond the sound however, subtle design touches are numerous. For instance, all hangers are of the interlocking type. Although more costly than straight steel rod, they help keep the exhaust system in place during heavy cornering. 

None of the pipes are cut and welded back together to form bends either. In order to reduce exhaust turbulence through bends, all of the pipes are seamlessly bent using our in-house CNC mandrel bender. The cast cp-e™ flanges, and laser etched stainless placard ensure that onlookers make no mistake about the brand of the exhaust system. 

The entire system is constructed from super-buffed American made heavy-gauge 304-stainless steel, and is a true bolt-on product that will last the lifetime of the vehicle.

The exhaust features a long 3in diameter section from the stock catalytic converters to the rear differential where the system splits into two 2.5in diameter sections with our custom spec straight through large chamber mufflers. They are positioned in a symmetrical way to give the car an aggressive and balanced look.




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  1. scott on May 7th, 2009 2:37 pm

    will have installed in a week or so single catback and quick power pipe w/ hf cat,will place a review.they make the parts to order so it took two weeks but carries a lifetime warranty so should be goo but ill let you know.

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